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    Capetown, South Africa
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    Our travels in Africa started with five days in Capetown to explore the city and recover from our travels. Capetown is a beautiful city, situated on the waterfront and nestled amid stunning mountains. Unfortunately, being that July is the middle of winter, it was cold and rainy for most of our stay. We spent a lot of time walking (indoors) through shopping malls, which I found cleaner and nicer than malls in the States.

    Capetown is a city of dramatic contrasts. The white areas were clean, safe, and propsperous and at least comparable to any first world country. But, just next door, the black townships sprawl endlessly, filled with extreme crowding and poverty. With the new government, there is hope, but also a long way to go to right the past.

    We stayed at the Cape Grace, on the waterfront and backed by Table Mountain. It was voted #1 hotel in the world by Conde Nast this year!

    Cape fur seals were commonly seen in the harbor by the hotel.

    In contrast, nearby townships are poor and extremely over-crowded.

    Inside a hostel.
    Each of the three sub-twin beds is allocated for an extended family of 8-12. Originally built for men working in the city, families have also moved in.

    Inside a shanty. Built with found materials they are cold and have no water or electricity.

    We stopped by the Cape of Good Hope on a day-long tour of the Cape Penninsula.

    Cape Point is famous for being the southernmost tip of the continent, but it actually isn't.

    Bontebok (a type of antelope) were on the hills in the Cape Point reserve.

    Wild ostriches were also running around.

    Hundreds of African penguins call tiny Boulder Beach home. It is near Simon's Town on the east coast of Cape Penninsula.

    Penguins are incredibly cute and funny creatures. They waddle about and stumble clumsily in and out of the ocean.

    Penguin feeding her baby.

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang