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    Chobe National Park, Botswana
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    Chobe National Park is known for having the greatest mammal diversity in the area. It is also home to thousands and thousands of elephants. Overpopulation by elephants is quite a problem, as they have destroyed most of the trees and significantly change the environment. However, there is quite a bit of controversy on how to handle the problem, as many find culling to be barbaric.

    The park and surrounding area are quite crowded, especially in relation to the isolation of other camps in Botswana. They limit entrance to 30 vehicles at the gate we went in, which still meant that all 30 would end up in one place if anything exciting showed up. We actually had to wait for over half an hour to get in the first afternoon as the quota had been met on the long holiday weekend.

    Elephant mock charge. They flare
    out their ears when threatened
    to look bigger - like they need to...

    Two male elephants trunk-jousting. Good exercise and helps establish dominance.

    Cute baby elephant drinking.

    Hippos lounging on a beach in the middle of the river. From a distance, they look much like seals.

    A rare Puku antelope

    Baboon carrying baby on its back. Very small young cling to the mothers front as they run around and climb trees.

    Monitor lizard crawling
    along the river bank.

    Large crocodile

    Banded mongoose make a funny whimpering sound while scurrying

    This Pied Kingfisher caught a fish. We watched it smack the fish against a branch dozens of times,
    maybe to tenderize it?

    Spoonbills have funny bills that are spoon (surprise) shaped at the end.

    Weaver birds nests hanging
    in a tree

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang