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    Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (1 of 2)
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    Hwange rivals Chobe in the region for the sheer diversity of mammals present in the park as well as problems with elephant overpopulation. Due to reduction of habitat which would allow for natural migration, the park has resorted to pumping underground water for artificial water holes to keep the animals alive in the dry winter months.

    It was quite cold (-3 degrees Celcius at night!) and windy for the first day after we arrived and we saw little game. But, when the wind finally stopped blowing one afternoon, we saw tons of animals as they all came out to eat, drink, and play.

    Herd of elephants coming down to drink at the water hole.

    Young elephants heading to the salt lick after having a drink.

    Look at the tusks on this adult elephant

    We saw a huge herd of about 1000 buffalo travelling across this pan

    Buffalo and young running past

    Wildebeest running around in circles

    Two very rare white rhinos coming out for a drink

    Hippos by the waterhole - check out the cute baby!

    Lion out looking for a quiet place for a daytime nap

    Cheetah hanging out on top of an old termite mound

    Black-backed jackal near sunset

    Sunset in Hwange with elephant silhouettes

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang