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    Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (2 of 2)
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    Two zebras in the pan at sunset

    Bat-eared fox sitting right by the road - the only time we saw this species

    Baboon screaming at rambunctious young

    Huge vulture convention, indicating a kill of some sort

    Turns out to be a wildebeest

    One of my favorite creatures was the nocturnal spring hare (a.k.a. African Kangaroo) - actually a rodent, it bounces around in the night

    It was nice to see different species together

    Giraffe awkwardly stooping down to get at the salt lick

    Sable were uncommon, but extremely elegant antelope

    Crowned cranes - a fancy African specialty

    Guinea fowl could be seen all over most of the parks (and sometimes for dinner)

    Ostrich which frequented the pan by our camp

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang