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    Southern African Safari
    in Botswana and Zimbabwe

    Our safari through southern Africa was amazing and educational. We saw pretty much all of the major wildlife we had hoped to see, and much much more. On the jeep safaris, we were able to get quite close to many of the animals without seeming to disturb them. On foot, we slowed down for a more detailed view of the local flora and learned some rudimentary animal tracking skills. One thing that surprised me was how incredibly healthy all the animals looked (especially compared to zoos) , despite the predators, unstable food/water sources, and lack of healthcare.

    I've organized the photos by game reserve/park to give a sense of each different park and the wildlife diversity we saw. If you're interested in a particular species, try the search box in the upper right corner of each page.

    We highly recommend both our travel agent, Ultimate Africa Safaris and the local tour company and owner of most of the camps we stayed at, Wilderness Safaris.

    See our itinerary for details on our travels. Plus, follow the paw prints to see photos from our trip:

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