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    Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
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    Mana Pools is famous for a multi-day canoe trek, which was unfortunately sold out by the time we made our plans. Instead, we stayed at the last camp along the way, Chikwenya, which was situated on a private concession bordering the park. We went canoeing, on day and night drives, and a game walk. Throughout the night, sounds of hippos grunting filled the air.

    A pod of hippos in the river. When canoeing, we had to hug the river bank to avoid the hippos who head to deeper water for safety.

    This hippo was resting in an inlet before our guide chased it out, afraid it might move towards us when we went past. It wasn't very happy...

    A startled hippo running for safety - the water.

    Hippos mark their territory by spraying their excrement on the local vegetation, like this poor little plant.

    Baby elephant and mother drinking together by the river

    Baby elephants are so cute!

    Crocodile on the river bank

    Herd of buffalo coming for
    a drink at the water hole

    Waterbuck - a bit more hairy
    than most antelope

    White-fronted bee eaters are beautifully colored and quite common in this region

    Crowned hornbill

    Sausage tree - note the sausage shaped fruit that hangs from the tree

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang