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    Mombo - Cats and Dogs
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    Mombo Concession is particularly well known for it's large population of predators. The guide explained that this was likely due to the high density of other animals (a.k.a. prey) in the area. While in other camps seeing one of the predators was a big event, at Mombo the goal was to see them eating, hunting, or the ultimate - a kill in process.

    Female leopard - each day she would kill another baboon and eat it up in the tree to keep it from other predators

    Leopard with baboon claw in its mouth

    Leopard through the brush. Since hunting has never been allowed, they are unafraid of humans and let us get quite close in the Land Rover.

    Leopard taking a drink after filling up on the days meal.

    A cheetah, the fastest land animal. They were rare to see, even in Mombo.

    Cheetah ready for a daytime nap

    Adult female lion - female lions do much of the hunting

    Subadult male with battle scars from fights with the local adult male trying to chase him away now that he's grown

    Lion taking a drink before yet another nap. Lions sleep for most of the day.

    Wild dog, a highly endangered species. They always travel in packs.

    Wild dogs with fresh impala kill. They eat extremely fast before other bigger predators show up.

    Side-striped jackal

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