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    Wildlife viewing at Mombo was exceptional, great diversity and lots of it. Plus, they were generally habituated to the Land Rovers and would allow us to get quite close without seeming to notice or care. The only downside was that both night drives and walks were prohibited, limiting our activities to drives during the day.

    Zebra herd - beautiful animals, each one with a unique stripe pattern

    Elephant rolling in the mud. When the mud dries and is rubbed off, it helps get rid of ticks.

    We got quite close to some elephants!

    Spotted hyena - in Mombo, there are so many predators that they live off the scraps rather than hunting themselves

    Hyenas eat everything, including the bone. They have extremely strong teeth and jaws.

    Baby hyena, just outside the den.

    Herd of buffalo

    Blue wildebeest

    Giraffe with baby

    Warthog - one of the funniest looking creatures. They kneel down to graze.

    Tsessebe - one of the largest, and fastest antelope

    Baboons and impala, just hanging out

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