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    Okavango Delta, Botswana
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    After Mombo, we flew to the nearby Jao Camp, in a wetter part of the Okavango Delta. In the winter, the delta becomes flooded from water flowing down from the rains in Angola. Thus, though it is generally the dry season in winter around southern Africa, they call it the wet season here. We enjoyed the variety of activities here, which included daytime drives, night drives, boating, mokoro canoes, and game walks.

    A mokoro canoe, traditionally made from wood. Ours was constructed with fibreglass to last longer.

    The mokoros glide quietly through the reeds, poled (rather than paddled) by a mokoro guide.

    This tiny long-reed frog jumped onto the front of the mokoro.

    A cute spotted frog clinging to a reed.

    There are lily pads throughout

    As well as these pretty flowers

    Red Lechwe are antelope specialized for watery environments. There were thousands here.

    Red Lechwe crossing the road. Their back legs are significantly longer than their front legs.

    Hippos in the water - they're quite dangerous on a mokoro.

    Termite mounds are built over hundreds of years. Most of the islands in the water are old termite mounds whose fertile soil nourishes new plants.

    African Jacana


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