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    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    (click on thumbnail for full-size image)

    The falls at Victoria Falls were stunning and just went on and on. Much of the falls were obscured by dense mist and the trail was quite wet. Along the path, we saw lots of monkeys and baboons up close.

    The city itself was not particularly interesting or pleasant. Due in large part to problems with the current government (including encouraging disorderly and violent takeovers of farms), the currency has been in free fall, inflation has skyrocketed, and the country is in turmoil. On the streets, men pestered us to change money every few steps. The official exchange rate was Z$55 for US$1, but we were able to get Z$125 at the hotel (on the grey market) and much more was offered on the street. To add insult to injury, the largest bill is only Z$100, which means carrying around quite a big wad of cash!

    View of Victorial Falls and rising mist

    A rare clear section of the falls

    The falls just stretched on endlessly

    Vervet monkey sitting in a tree

    Another cute vervet monkey

    Baboons grooming each other on the trail - see the baby in between!

    View of waterhole from our room at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. Elephant and Buffalo coming down for a drink.

    Open craft market with handmade "stone" and wood carvings. Very aggressive merchants - bargaining required!

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang