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    The cruise ship sailed into a few bays to give us close up views of some spectacular glaciers. This involved very slow going through ever-denser iceberg fields with somewhat disconcerting bumping and crunching sounds along the way. The immense scale of the glaciers was difficult to conceive - it felt like we were just a half mile from the foot of Hubbard Glacier when we were in fact three or four miles away. If you're quiet, you can hear an eerie thunder-like groaning and crunching noise as the glacier moves and settles. We also were able to witness some calving (pieces of the foot breaking off into the bay) of the glaciers up close.

    Panoramic view of the Hubbard Glacier area

    Cruising up to Hubbard Glacier through an iceberg field

    Closer view of Hubbard Glacier

    Harvard and Yale glaciers in College Fjord

    Aialik Glacier in Kenai Fjords Park. The foot of the glacier is about 1 mile wide.

    Translucent blue icebergs - the big one here was about 20 feet wide

    Icebergs in the water sailing away from College Fjord

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