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    Views Along the Inside Passage
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    Cruising along the inside passage was magnificent. All day long (and the days were long) breathtaking views of mountains, fjords, and forests scrolled by both sides of the ship as if we were watching a nature video. It was truly magical!

    The misty fjords along the Inside Passage were magical, especially in the rain

    More misty fjords... they just scrolled by outside the window endlessly

    Nearing a late night Alaska sunset

    Waterfalls streamed down the forested mountains on both sides of the ship

    Just one of the endless terrain of majestic, snowy peaks we sailed by

    More breathtaking views from the ship

    Sea otters could often be seen frolicking in the water - ever see anything cuter?

    Puffin (at the Sealife Center in Kenai Fjords - too hard to get a closeup from the ship)

    Seals piled all over a rock in Ressurection Bay

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang