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    Ketchican Fishing Trip
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    Our second shore excursion was an all-day fishing adventure in Ketchican. We started out with a long, cold, rainy boat trip out to our fishing destination. After warming up on shore, our guide showed us how to bottom fish using only fake metallic fish as bait. In his demonstration, he caught a fish within literally 2 seconds of letting out his line. This was a good omen as I pulled in six fish myself in less than two hours.

    Next, came the best part... We pulled up to a remote beach where our guides had a bonfire roaring. As we warmed up and took a short walk to a nearby waterfall, our fresh catches were cleaned and cooked for us. Yum!

    A typical rainy day in Ketchican

    The scenery around our fishing spot

    We caught lots of different kinds of Rock Fish

    Fresh fish cooked over a bonfire - what could be better!

    Bald Eagle we encountered on our return

    And, it caught a leftover fish carcass the guide threw

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