Canadian Rockies
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    Scenes from the Canadian Rockies
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    The Canadian Rockies have more than their fair share of breathtaking scenery, with magnificent peaks, waterfalls, and lakes around each bend. We covered lots of territory, driving up from Vancouver to Jasper (via Bowron Lakes), then down the Icefields Parkway to Banff/Lake Louise, and finally back to Vancouver the long way via Whistler.

    Panoramic view of the Canadian Rockies from the top of the Jasper Tram

    Maligne Canyon (near Jasper) is dramatically carved in limestone

    Along the Athabasca River across the Alpine Inn where we stayed while in Jasper

    Athabasca Falls, just south of Jasper along the Icefields Parkway

    Medicine Lake is a disappearing lake that fills from runoff in summer, then drains via sinkholes

    Maligne Lake is quite spectacular, even mostly frozen

    Sunwapta Falls, along the Icefields Parkway

    The Icefields Parkway passes by the Columbia Icefields

    Beautiful mountains on the drive back to Vancouver

    The misty fjords just north of Vancouver looked magical in the twilight

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