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Antarctica Penguins
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Despite the breathtaking scenery, the penguins were what I loved most about Antarctica. Their clumsy waddling and hysterical antics were endlessly amusing. We visited several large colonies of penguins during our landings, numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands. Remarkably, we were able to walk among them with little notice, coming within just a few feet. Some of the curious little chicks would even come up to check us out!

Chinstrap penguin just in from a swim

Adelie penguins headed back
down to the beach

Gentoo penguin and chick

Penguins keep their small chicks
warm by standing over them

But, as the chicks grow larger, they start chasing their parents for food

Tens of thousands of penguins
on Deception Island

Diving into the ocean after resting
on a floating iceberg

Penguins head out to sea in groups, waiting for each other to go first and test for predators

When they return, they come waddling, floating, or flying onto the beach

Penguins swim through the water by "porpoising" like dolphins

Lone penguin, hanging out on
an iceberg

We believe the larger penguin in the middle was an Emperor penguin

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