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Scenes from Antarctica
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Arriving in Antarctica there is ice, snow, mountains, and no sign of civilization. This place is like nowhere else with its remoteness, dramatic beautry, pure air, and colossal scale. Despite this, in the southern summer, temperatures ranged quite reasonably between freezing and a few degrees above. We lucked out with calm winds and no precipitation, though we barely saw the sun peek out. Beyond words, Antarctica is something to experience.

Dramatic views after a short hike up James Ross Island

Some of the islands in the Weddell Sea were relatively snow-free

An endless field of glaciers covers the continent, flowing to the seas

Glacial ice pushing out over the water

Cruising through the icebergs on a zodiac was tranquil and scenic

Seymore Island was littered with ancient fossils from the breakup of Gondwanaland

Huge tabular icebergs broken off ice shelves float through the Weddell Sea

Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes, and with a beautiful blue tinge

Glacial ice is marvelously textured, reminiscent of granite rock

Fast moving ice can quickly move together with the wind to clog sea passages

On a zodiac cruise, we climbed aboard an iceberg and discovered a beautiful clear, blue pond

Window through an archway in a
floating iceberg

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