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More Antarctica Wildlife
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Not much survives in the cold, harsh climate of Antarctica. But, those that do are well adapted. Life here consists of birds, marine mammals, fish, and some hardy plantlife. We saw seals on several occasions, both on land and sea. On our last day, we went cruising in zodiacs among a pod of humpback whales. We got an amazing, up close performance, watching them feed and surface only yards from our tiny boats.

Crabeater seal, resting on an iceberg

Leopard seals are a major predator
of penguins

Weddell seals are the most southerly
of all mammals, braving the
Antarctic winters

Group of southern elephant seals

Antarctic fur seals are the only seals
in the region with ears

Skuas prey on penguin
chicks and eggs

Humpback whale flashing a tail as it dives down

Coming up for a big mouthful of krill

Humpback flashing a fin during the feeding frenzy

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