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    Wet Tropics of Queensland
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    We split our time in Queensland between Port Douglas and Cairns, visiting both the Great Barrier Reef and wild rain-forests of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (including Daintree National Park). Most of our forest explorations were during two tours we took with Wait-a-While Tours, which I highly recommend. The excellent guides took us to the best wildlife viewing areas and were extremely knowledgeable.

    A wild platypus, swimming in the stream - a definite highlight!

    Cute little pademellon (small type of kangaroo)

    Agile wallabys seem to hang around in yards throughout the suburbs

    Crikey! A python by the path, sizing us up for supper.

    A rare, endemic Herbert River possum on our night walk in the Atherton Tableland

    Musky-rat kangaroo scampering in the underbrush

    A Boyd's forest dragon clinging to a tree in the rainforest

    Leaf gecko just lying on the road - their markings and texture make great camoflauge

    Flying foxes hanging in the trees for their daytime nap

    These colorful lorikeets were common in the trees on the streets of Port Douglas

    A tree frog, peeping out of its home in a post by the Green Island Resort dining room

    Clear, rocky stream running through Mossman Gorge near Port Douglas

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