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    The Great Barrier Reef
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    During our three days on the Great Barrier Reef we saw beautiful coral, lots of colorful fish, a few sharks, some turtles, and a manta ray jumping out of the water. Our first trip out, we took a boat out to the outer reef and went diving and snorkeling. Conditions were fairly rough with strong surge and waves, probably due to the high tide and full moon. Subsequently, we opted for the more tranquil (and closer) Green Island, where we could snorkle right off the beach. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a few fuzzy pictures of the underwater scene using a disposable camera.

    Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef was our home for 2 days

    My favorite were the clownfish cuddling amid waving sea anenome tentacles

    Blue starfish on the ocean floor

    Sea turtle napping amid the coral

    Oooh, a shark!

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