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    Kangaroo Island
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    Isolated from predators of the mainland, Kangaroo Island is a haven for local wildlife. While I was a bit disappointed to find much of the island turned into far-from-pristine farms, the abundance of wildlife was amazing. Here, the problem is how to deal with overpopulation of the various marsupials. The tours we went on turned out to be costly and unnecessary, and we saw as much if not more while wandering on our own. My favorite pasttime was searching the trees for koalas, which never ceased to amaze and delight me. In addition to those pictured below, I saw platypus in the pools at dusk and little fairy penguins coming in to nest at night.

    The island's namesake Kangaroo, bouncing through a field

    Koalas look like animated teddy bears stuck up in the trees

    Favorite koala pastime - napping

    Koalas can climb straight up a tree
    with their claws

    Who's the cutest little joey
    in the world?

    A koala "backpack"

    Echidnas are the closest relatives to platypus and just as strange and cute

    Australian sea lion (and pups)
    at Seal Bay

    Rare daytime sighting of a wallaby

    A bright Crimson rosella

    Goanna crossing the road

    Huge boulders of Remarkable Rocks along the southwest shore

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