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    The Great Ocean Road
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    The Great Ocean Road, which winds along the southern Australian coast west of Melbourne, is considered one of the world's most scenic drives. Being a bit spoiled coming from California, I found the coast quite beautiful but not too dissimilar from the California coastline. Though, when the sunshine came out around the dramatic limestone rocks and cliffs of the Twelve Apostles and Bay of Islands, I had to admit this topped anything from back home. Plus, there's koalas in the trees and kangaroos in the fields along the way!

    The rocky coastline was quite reminiscent of California

    Rock pillars off the coast form the famous Twelve Apostles

    A sign of animals to come

    A "mob of roos" lounging on a golf course in Anglesea

    Grey Kangaroo with a joey
    in the pouch

    Kangaroo bouncing off to
    the next fairway

    We spotted dozens of koalas along a river valley between Lorne and Apollo Bay

    Galahs (a grey and pink cockatoo)
    were common throughout the
    south of Australia

    Lush temperate rainforest in
    Otway National Park

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