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    Uluru near sunset

    The red mountains of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (Olgas) were extraordinary - big red rocks of sculpted sandstone protruding up into the flat desert. We only spent one night in the area, which actually gave us plenty of time to do a fair amount of hiking in Kata Tjuta, see Uluru at sunset, join an aboriginal-led ranger walk, and visit the cultural center. A definite highlight for me was seeing a red kangaroo in the wild while hiking. The Ayers Rock Resort itself is entirely owned by one company and everything seems to be vastly overpriced.

    The domed rocks of Kata Tjuta, amidst the vast blue sky

    Smaller dome during our hike through Kata Tjuta

    View of the Valley of the Winds in Kata Tjuta

    Steep red cliffs in Kata Tjuta

    We spotted this cute red kangaroo while hiking in Kata Tjuta

    Desert flowers were in full bloom for spring

    View of Uluru from the plane

    There are 50+ Aboriginal cave painting sites on the walls of Uluru

    A semi-permanent water hole at Uluru, fed by a waterfall off the rock

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