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    Set on a picturesque bay, Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities I've seen. The city literally glitters both day and night, perhaps because of the dry air or lack of pollution. There's lots to do, and getting around is quite convenient - by bus, train, ferry, monorail, and light rail. My favorite activities were visiting the fantastic aquarium (definitely one of the world's best), a cruise around the harbor, and the delicious Asian food courts in Chinatown. We also took a day-long tour out of the city to the nearby Blue Mountains.

    The classic Sydney photo - the Opera House backed by the Harbor Bridge

    View of the city skyline from the harbor cruise

    The Rocks is the "old" (only 150 years!) neighborhood of Sydney

    Manly beach is only a 15 minute ferry ride from the city. Sydney boasts more beaches than any other city.

    The 2000 Olympic Stadium - a huge source of pride for Australians

    The Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains - just an hour out of town

    My first chance to see wild kangaroos - in the Blue Mountains

    This kangaroo had a joey (baby) - see the little legs sticking out?

    We took an adventurous tram ride up a 52 degree slope with no safety belts

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