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    Tasmania was a last minute addition to our trip and a definite highlight. The island is filled with lovely lakes, majestic mountains, and strange, yet adorable wildlife. We spent our first three up in Cradle Mountain National Park, going hiking, canoeing, and watching the mostly nocturnal marsupials. I got to see my first wombat, a bizarre creature that looks like a cross between a koala and a bear cub. We also ventured out to Freycinet Park on the east coast and Mt. Field National Park near Hobart. Here, the weather really does change from hour to hour - alternating between bright sunshine and rain showers a dozen times a day!

    Dove Lake and the craggy peaks
    of Cradle Mountain

    The mountain waters had a tea-colored tinge from tanins in the vegetation

    Our cozy cabin at Cradle Mountain Lodge (far right)

    Countless cute little Tasmanian pademelons populated the area

    Along with the slightly larger
    Bennett's wallaby

    Wallaby with a joey peering
    out of its pouch

    Wombats wandered the lodge grounds at night. They were much larger than I expected - 2 to 3 feet long!

    Brush-tailed possum, another
    nocturnal critter

    Echidna's in Tasmania are furrier than those on the mainland - probably due to the cold

    Wineglass Bay in Freycinet is considered one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

    Without any termites, dead and fallen trees take an extrodinarily long time to decay

    We tried, but didn't see any Tasmanian devils in the wild. In the end, we broke down and visited some at an animal park (including these two young).

    Copyright 2001 - Ann Mei Chang