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We arrived in Shanghai during a one week national holiday, celebrating the confluence of National Day and the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival. This meant an even greater than usual crush of people on the streets. In many ways, it seemed like an endless street fair, day and night, except that there were no specific events. The city itself seemed quite cosmopolitan, but not nearly as sterile as Beijing has become. In the old town and on side streets, small stalls and street vendors pitched their wares. After two weeks of touring with a group, we decided to venture out on our own here, which was a pleasant change and gave me a closer up view of the city.

The crush of people on Nanjing Donglu, a pedestrian walkway our hotel fronted

More people walking on the Bund (along the Huangpu River), the other cross street for our hotel

The old city area with smaller shops, but also lots of people

View of the Oriental Pearl Tower across the river

The Yu Gardens are a small, but beautiful oasis in the city

While the garden is only one city block, it isdesigned to be broken up into different views, making it feel larger

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