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As the ancient capital of China through several dynasties, Xian has a rich history which is reflected in the trove of archeological sites. What I found most amazing is that the numerous artifacts we did see at the Shaanxi History Museum and the Army of Terracotta Warriors are likely only the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of sites, including all of the several emperors tombs, have been left unexcavated as the technology does not yet exist to effectively preserve what is found. I left filled with curiousity about what glorious treasures still lay beneath those huge mounds in the countryside, yet to be explored.

6000 terracotta warriors were found in the first (and largest) pit. About 1000 of them have been painstakingly restored.

Closer up view of some of the warriors. The original painted colors have long since faded with exposure to air.

The second pit, largely still unexcavated.

Bronze chariots and horses also unearthed in the area

The Big Goose Pagoda is an old landmark in Xian

The Xian city wall is one of the best preserved in China.

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