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Japan Alps
The Japanese Alps
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We travelled through the Japanese Alps by train, stopping for a night in Kanazawa and two nights in Takayama (known as the "little Kyoto"). The smaller towns and natural surroundings were a pleasant contrast to the larger cities. We stayed in Japanese-style rooms during the trip, including one night in a ryokan (traditional inn including public bath, dinner, and breakfast). I took a strong liking to the simple rooms with tatami mats, shoji screens, and futons rolled out for the night.

An old district in Kanazawa where samurai houses were found

We visited one of the samurai houses, featuring traditional decor and a small garden

Inside one of the old teahouses where geisha used to entertain

The Kenroku-en Gardens in Kanazawa is considered one of the top three gardens in Japan

View of an old teahouse and pond at the Kenroku-en Gardens
Hida Minzoku-mura folk village, near Takayama, has preserved many traditional mountain homes

View of the Japanese Alps

One of the charming older streets in Takayama, now mostly filled with shops

Old bell tower in Takayama

A favorite snack in Takayama are these grilled rice balls with soy sauce flavoring

Japanese-style room at the Rickshaw Inn in Takayama. The futons were quite comfortable!

The elaborate kaseki-style dinner we enjoyed at the Nakayasu Ryokan in Kanazawa

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