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One of my favorite pastimes in Japan is discovering the fascinating and unique aspects of life in modern Japan. I find myself constantly impressed with the ingenuity, efficiency, and artfulness of even the smallest things.

At Narita airport, I had my first delightful discovery - baggage carts can be taken onto the escalators!

The shinkansen bullet trains connect major cities in Japan at fast speeds

With space at a premium, parking garages save space by stacking cars vertically (3 high here)

Vending machines facilitate ordering and payment at many fast food joints - just give the coupon to the server

All fruits seem to be the finest (and expensive!) specimens - large, perfect, and often protected by styrofoam

Canteloupes seem to have become more an art form than fruit. They typically sell for $10-$100 each!

Cell phones are ubiquitous, and I was quite envious of the advanced features we don't yet have in the US

Vending machines can be found all over, selling just about everything.

Even the toilet in our hotel was electronic, with a built in bidet and who knows what else

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