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Spared from bombing in the second world war, Kyoto is a beautiful city full of historic sights. It seemed that there was an old temple on practically every block! We visited several of them, and I found that I enjoyed the simple serenity of the Zen temples and gardens the most. We also spent some time just wandering down the quaint, narrow streets making new discoveries along the way.

Kinkakuji, the spectacular golden temple

The huge Kiyomizu temple, high on the hillside

This simple zen temple at Ginkakuji was formerly a shogun villa

Kodaji, another Zen temple

Simple, yet beautiful, decor in one Kodaji building

Ninomaru Palace within Nijo Castle, a former shogun residence

This world-renowned zen rock garden at Ryoanji inspires contemplation

Mossy gardens at Ryoanji

Another zen garden, this one at Nazenji

The "philosopher's path" winds down a quiet street along a canal

A quaint, historic street in eastern Kyoto

We were lucky to happen upon these geisha who stopped to pose for pictures

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