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Berenty Private Reserve
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Berenty is a private reserve in the south of Madagascar situated at the edge of spiny forest. It is a fantastic place to see lemurs close up, as there is a high population density and they are habituated to people. Unfortunately, this is a result of both habitat destruction and past feeding of the lemurs. We didn't have to go far to see them, a number of them actually hung around in the Tamarind tree above our cabin.

Malagasy spiny forest, with unique Didierea and Euphorbia

Ring-tailed lemurs were common throughout the Berenty area

Ring-tail sunning (a favorite afternoon activity) in camp

The Verreaux's sifaka was cute and acrobatic and became my favorite type of lemur

Sifaka with just-born baby. This one was a little early as most young are born in September.
When moving on ground, sifakas do an amazing side-stepping, skipping dance. See a video clip too!

Red-fronted-brown lemurs were introduced at Berenty

The tiniest primate in the world is this nocturnal grey mouse lemur

The white-footed sportive lemur is another nocturnal creature

There are 66 known species of chameleons in Madagascar, with more still being discovered

The Madagascar flying fox is the largest species of bat in Madagascar and unique to the island

While Africa has only one species of Baobab tree, Madagascar has evolved a total of seven!

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