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Madagascar, the country
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Madagascar is the home of incredible plant and animal diversity, much of it unique to the island. It is also a very poor, isolated country that has less than 10% of its original forest remaining, with more being cut or burned every day. The deforestation has led to significant problems with erosion as well as rapidly diminishing habitat for local fauna. In fact, Madagascar has the dubious distinction of having more species on the endangered list than any other country. But, as populations grow and existing farms become infertile, there are no easy solutions for protecting this magical, vanishing place.

Rice is the staple of the Malagasy diet

Flooded rice paddies amidst homes

A traditional-style farmhouse

Denuded hillsides are a common scene

Zebu cattle, with their pronounced hump, commonly wander streets and fields

Our driver, English guide, and local guide (L to R) for Perinet. A bit of overkill.

Typical small wooden hut in Berenty area

Open-market stall selling grain

Outdoor marketplace

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