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Madagascar Tour

Madagascar is both a fascinating and challenging place. It is fascinating because of the amazing diversity of flora and fauna. And yet, it is challenging to see the poverty and ongoing habitat destruction.

The infrastructure is poor, and our luxury accomodations, while perfectly adequate, were more akin to budget standards in the USA. Travelling anywhere takes time, and invariably includes an overnight stop in the capital, Tana, where we had to stay three separate nights. As a former French colony, the business language is French though most locals speak Malagasy.

Verreaux's sifaka at Berenty

As an isolated island, Madagascar is the home to many unique species of plants and animals. In fact, new primate species continue to be discovered on the island, including three announced late 2000. Unfortunately, it also is the country with the most number of species on the endangered list. Finding a solution which can address the economical, cultural, and environmental challenges that are often at odds with each other has been quite elusive.

See our itinerary for details on our travels. Plus, follow the paw prints to see photos from our trip:

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