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Perinet and Mantadia Reserves
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The Perinet (or Andasibe in Malagasy) and Mantadia Reserves are in the lush, eastern rainforest. About a three hour drive from the capital city of Antananarivo, they are probably the most visited parks in the country. The big attraction here are the Indri, the largest and most vocal species of lemur. Their haunting song, an eerie mix between sirens and wailing, can be heard for miles in the morning.

Montaine rainforest in Perinet

There are only hundreds of indri left in the world. Unlike most other animals, they cannot be kept or bred in captivity.

The indri have teddy bear like ears and are quite agile despite their large size.

Indri stretching to reach some leaves

Common brown lemurs are also found in Perinet

This bright green lizard was climbing on the park entrance station

Did you know chameleon's eyes can move independently?

The smallest chameleon, a tiny green one we saw during a night walk

Tree frog out at night. Madagascar has some spectacular frogs, but we unfortunately didn't find many.

Boa constrictor sleeping by the path - they mostly hibernate in winter

We cheated and saw this tamed grey bamboo lemur on an island maintaned by our lodge

Rainforest in Mantadia. Despite hiking all morning, we didn't see any lemurs.

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