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Lakes District, Argentina/Chile
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Our hotel (center) was situated on the beautiful Llao Llao penninsula

The Lakes District is a beautiful region of northern Patagonia straddling the border between Argentina and Chile. The many lakes and mountains are popular for outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and boating. We started our visit in Bariloche, Argentina and explored the surrounding wilderness by foot and car. The town itself was quite delightful, full of appetizing restaurants and sweet shops. We crossed over to Chile via the scenic Lakes Crossing, which combines several boats and buses to traverse the Andes mountains.

View from our room at the
Llao Llao Resort

Lakes and mountains in the
Bariloche area

The mountains around Bariloche have interesting spikes and rock formations

The Lakes Crossing offered spectacular scenery along the way

Spectacular Mount Tronador, just
on the Chilean side of the pass

Mountains near Peulla

Startling green waters of Lago Frias along the Lakes Crossing

We passed by Volcan Osorno, near Petrohue, during the Lakes Crossing

Some young specimens of the Alerce, which can live up to 4000 years

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