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Torres del Paine, Chile
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Torres del Paine in Patagonia was all that we hoped for and more. The mountains were probably the most spectacular that I've seen in the world, with glacially carved snow-covered peaks and dramatic spires of granite. The first class Hotel Explora where we stayed was glorious, but exhorbitantly expensive (the much cheaper hosterias seem like a better bet). We took a long, strenuous hike up to the awe-inspiring Towers as well as a scenic horseback ride through the golden pampas. We were extremely fortunate to have calm, clear weather despite roaring winds on our arrival.

Just the everyday view from the
window of our hotel room

The Paine Massif with the unique
horns (or Cuernos)

Up-close views of the horns

Hiking up through a valley
to the Towers

Our reward after a long, tough hike -
an up-close view of the Towers

Closeup of the spectacular Towers

Lenticular cloud formations reminded me of Jetson-style space stations

Guanacos grazing amid the splendor

Guanacos (related to llamas) were common in the park

Guanaco with young

A fox resting near a viewpoint

Gigantic Andean condors soar the
skies of Torres del Paine

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