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Amazon River, Brazil
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We joined two friends in Manaus for a five day visit to the Amazon River, near Manaus, Brazil. The Acajatuba Lodge, where we stayed, was rustic but quite friendly and comfortable. Temperatures were quite moderate, around 80F, though humid. The acidic waters of the Rio Negro kept mosquitos and other bugs to a minimum. Unfortunately, other wildlife was also difficult to find in the area due to the time of year, ongoing hunting and logging, as well as noise from regional settlements. My favorite activity was gently gliding through the narrow igarapes (waterways) in canoes, looking for wildlife along the way.

Acajatuba Lodge, our jungle home
for five days

Despite being different species, these two wild parrots that hung out at the lodge have paired up

A remarkably active three-toed
sloth just outside the dining hall
at the lodge

Along the dark, reflective waters
of the Rio Negro

Travelling along the igarapes in
canoes was peaceful

Grey river dolphins swimming along
our boat in the Amazon River

Our guide leaped into the river at
night to catch a cayman

Fresh brazil nuts, cut open by
with a machete

The meeting of the waters, where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoies
meet near Manaus

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