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Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil
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Photos are inadequate to convey the true grandiosity of Iguazu Falls. A total of 275 individual waterfalls stretched down a long, deep canyon running along the Argentinian and Brazilian border. From any one vantage point on the ground, only a small fraction of the falls is visible. To get a complete picture, we viewed the falls by walking along several long, well-developed walkways in both Argentina and Brazil. Each offered a unique perspective, from the drenching mist at the bottom, to looking down the face of the falls from above, to a cross-canyon panoramic perspective from the Brazilian park. Aside from the falls, the surrounding rainforest also supports a rich diversity of wildlife.

Just a small part of the magnificent Iguazu Falls

Much of the falls consists of a
two-level drop

The dramatic highlight is the Devil's Throat, where the water crashes down from three sides

Walkways enable visitors to experience the falls up close and personal

Of course, rainbows abound

Brightly colored toucans were common in the surrounding National Parks

On a jungle walk, we came across a delightful troupe of capuchin monkeys

Unfortunately, many visitors feed
the coatis who now beg as well as
forage for their food

Lots and lots of lizards,
both big and small

Guinea pig-like cuys hung out
on the lawn of the Sheraton

Of course, the rainforest is also filled with all sorts of creepy crawlies

If you look closely, this writhing
mass actually consists of
dozens of individuals

Copyright 2002 - Ann Mei Chang