Danum Valley
Chiang Mai
Khao Yai
Bangkok, Thailand
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We had just one full day in Bangkok, and spent it around the Grand Palace and on a boat tour of the canal system. The palace buildings were magnificent, dazzling with gold and colorful jewels. I particularly enjoyed travelling around by boat, down the Chao Phraya river between our hotel and the sights. We ventured out to the night market, but were quickly put off by all the seedy clubs and men hawking sex shows in the area. We were lucky to catch the newly released Thai feature film, "Suryothai", which provided some good historical context for our visit.

Kiosk honoring Thailand's king outside the Grand Palace.

View of the Upper Terrace within the Grand Palace

The Royal Monastery (housing the emerald buddha) is incredibly ornate, entirely covered by shiny decorations

These magical beings seemed to be holding up the stupa

Giant statues guarding a palace gate

Beautifully enshrined buddha in Wat Phra Chetuphon

Wat Kruawan, temple of the dawn

These public boats function as buses down the Chao Phraya - get a ride for 20 cents!

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