Danum Valley
Chiang Mai
Khao Yai
Phuket, Thailand
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Phuket is a beautiful beach destination that provided a nice, relaxing break after the rainforest. Being in Thailand, it is also relatively inexpensive. We stayed in a wonderful resort, the Chedi, on a quiet, northern beach - away from the bustle of crowded Patong Beach. From there, we went on a canoe tour of Phang Nga Bay (where the James Bond film "Man with a Golden Gun" was filmed), took a snorkeling trip to an offshore island, and got a Thai massage at the spa.

View of the beach from our porch

Our little cottage in paradise

The lily ponds at the hotel entrance were filled with frogs

Picturesque Phang Nga Bay - a bit like a Chinese scroll painting

We rode canoes through limestone caves into open air lagoons within the islands

A funny fish in the lagoons that could crawl out of the water

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