Danum Valley
Chiang Mai
Khao Yai
Sepilok Rehabilitation Center
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On our way to Sukau, we stopped by the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, one of four orangutan sanctuaries in Malaysia. Here, injured and orphaned orangutans are gradually reintroduced to the wild. We were able to view some of them up close at a feeding station, where rangers provide milk and bananas to supplement what they find themselves in the jungle. Sharing 96% of the same DNA with humans, they are endlessly fascinating.

The first orangutan we saw showed up just outside the introductory slide show

Swinging on ropes with both hands and feet, orangutans are quite agile

Coming in for treats at the feeding station

Orangutan contortionist, hanging out until feeding time

Mmmmm... Bananas!

Trying to carry some extra bananas home

Watch out! The pig-tailed macaques are quick and dart in to steal bananas

Got some!

Did you know orangutans sleep in nests up in the trees? A new one each day!

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