Danum Valley
Chiang Mai
Khao Yai
Sukau Region, Malaysian Borneo
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Along the Kinabatangan river, near Sukau, the narrow corridor of riverine forest is one of the best places to view wildlife in Southeast Asia. The area is surrounded by oil palm plantations which have replaced most of the original flora, creating quite a density of wildlife in the bit that remains. This is one of the few places where proboscis monkeys, with their strange elongated noses, can be frequently spotted. Unfortunately, photos were difficult with low lighting and animals high up in the trees.

We stayed at Borneo Eco-tours Sukau Rainforest Eco-lodge, which we liked quite a bit. Though the accomodations are simple, we found the staff friendly and appreciated their efforts towards conservation.

Female proboscis monkey

Doesn't she remind you of Pinnochio?

Male proboscis monkeys have peculiar long, bulbous noses

An orangutan in the wild!

Asian elephant on the river bank

And a cute little baby elephant to boot!

Long-tailed macaques are common. They come to the ground looking for crabs

Silvered langur (yet another type of monkey)

This large monitor lizard greeted us at the boat dock

Fancy rhinocerous hornbill, one of several species we saw

Yuck! A tiger leech. One snuck into my pants and bit me.

Flat millipede on the jungle floor

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