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The Belizean Jungle
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After a week aboard the dive boat, we set out inland to explore the lush jungles of Belize. We stayed at the gorgeous Chan Chich Resort set in the jungles of northern Belize. To get there, we took a delightful detour to join a boat tour ending at the site of the Mayan Lamanai ruins.

Lamanai High Temple

Jungle view from atop the
High Temple

Small crocodile sunning by the river

Gorgeous Collared Aracari
(a type of Toucan)

Howler monkey in the trees amid the Lamanai ruins

Common Nighthawk

White-tailed deer in Gallon Jug area

Spider monkeys at Chan Chich

Black-cheeked woodpecker

Some kind of lizard

Masked Tityra

Parrot in the treetops

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